Most dishes can be prepared mild, medium or hot.
Please Specify.

Vegetable Samosa (2ps)                    4.50
  • Crispy deep fried pastry shell with potato and pea filling.
Cut Mirchi Bajji                                   6.95
  • Mirchi Bhaji is the famous chilli fritters made by deep frying chillies dipped in besan batter (Chickpeas).
Mix Pakora                                          6.95
  • Dipped in mildly spiced batter and deep fried. Choose from Onion, Spinach or Mixed Vegetables
Chicken tender (6pcs)                    9.95


Gobi Manchurian                              9.95
  • “Gobi” is Cauliflower & “Manchurian” is a tangy spicy sauce with Chinese inspired flavors.
Chilli Paneer                                       9.95
  • Cheese cubes sauteed with onions peppers, hot chilli and soy sauce
Paneer Pakora                                  9.95
  • Paneer (home-made cheese) dipped in mildly spiced chickpea batter and deep fried.
Chicken 65                                         9.95
  • Marinated spiced chicken cubes deep fried.
Chilli Chicken                                     9.95
  • Cubes of chicken tossed with chili pepper and house sauce
Tandoori Chicken wings ( 3Pcs)    10.95
  • Chicken deep fried and tossed in tandoori sauce
Mirpakayi Kodi                               10.95
  • Chicken cubes sauteéd with green chilies, onion, bell pepper and spices.


Creamy Lentil Soup                       5.95
  • Thick lentil soup
Sambar                                             5.95
  • A Flavorful dipping soup made with lentil, vegetables and spices
Rasam                                                 5.95
  • South Indian’s traditional soup made out of cilantro, garlic, tomato, tamarind and cumin seeds.
Chicken Soup                                          5.95
  • Chicken broth with chopped garlic and cilantro

Swagath Southern Specialties

Savory rice and lentil crepes, all served with fresh coconut chutney and sambar, a flavourful lentil dipping soup made with lentil, vegetables and spices.Upon availability.

Uttapam                                         8.95
  • Thick rice and lentil flavour pancake with onions/chilies/ tomatoes (of your choice).
Special Dosa                                11.95
  • Paneer Tikka / Gobi Manchurian / Chilli Paneer / Onion / Spicy / Mix Veg cut Chicken Tikka / Egg.
Masala Dosa                                 10.95
  • Crepe served with Masala filling of spiced mashed potatoes.
Mysore Masala Dosa                       10.95
  • Rice & lentil crepe dusted with roasted lentils and stuffed with mashed potatoes.


Samosa Chat                                          7.95
  • Chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread with tangy-salty spices. Garnished with homemade Indian chili, ginger and tamarind sauce, fresh green coriander leaves and yogurt
Chole Poori                                          10.95
  • Deep Fried whole wheat bread with chick pea curry
Poori Bhaji                                 10.95
  • Deep fried whole wheat bread with spiced potatoes.
Channa Batura                       10.95
  • Chickpea curry with deep-fried bread.


Upon Availability

Indo Chinese Fried Rice
  • Chinese style fried rice flavored with Indian spices
  • with Vegetables     12.95
    with Egg                  13.95
    with Chicken          14.95
    with Shrimp           14.95
Indo Chinese Noodles
  • with Vegetables     12.95
    with Egg                  13.95
    with Chicken          14.95
    with Shrimp           14.95

Vegetarian Entrees

Served with Rice

Aloo Gobi                                         13.95
  • Florets of cauliflower and potatoes stir-fried with onions, spices and herbs.
Bagara Baingan                            13.95
  • Bagara baingan made with tender eggplant, sesame seeds, peanuts, Onions spices and herbs
Mirchi ka Salan                            13.95
  • Chilies cooked with our special combination of spices
Navratan Kurma                        14.95
  • A traditional combination of mixed vegetables cooked in an exotic creamy sauce containing raisins, cashews and spices.
Okra Masala (Bhendi)               13.95
  • Cut okra pan cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, spices and
Tadka Dal or Dal Palak                      13.95
  • Yellow lentil cooked with house spices. Choice of spinach.
Dal Makhni                                           13.95
  • House specialty, black lentil and kidney beans cooked with tomatoes and cream
Chef’s Veg Chettinad or Veg Curry  13.95
  • Vegetables cooked in typical traditional South Indian homestyle spices.
Chana Masala                                      13.95
  • Garbanzo beans cooked with Indian spices and herbs.
Kadai Paneer/ Kadai Veg        14.95/13.95
  • Cubes of homemade cheese and/or vegetables cooked with bell peppers & onions in tomato gravy.
Matter Paneer                              14.95
  • Homemade cheese cubes and green peas cooked in a special sauce.
Palak Paneer                              14.95
  • Cubes of homemade cheese cooked in spinach based gravy and spices
Paneer Tikka Masala               14.95
  • Cubes of homemade cheese cooked in tomato-based gravy and finished with cream and cashew sauce.
Paneer Butter Masala               14.95
  • Cubes of cheese cooked in authentic rich tomato based gravy, enriched with cashew creme sauce
Malai Kofta                                  14.95
  • Cubes of cheese cooked in authentic rich tomato based gravy, enriched with cashew creme sauce

Non-Vegetarian Entrees

Served with Basmati Rice, Halal Meat.

Chicken Curry                                  14.95
  • Native style of chicken cooked in our special sauce
Butter Chicken                               14.95
  • Boneless thigh pieces of chicken cooked in an authentic rich tomato-based gravy, enriched with cashew cream sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala                 14.95
  • Boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt and cooked in tandoor oven finished in a rich tomato, onion gravy, cream and
    cashew sauce.
Kadai Chicken                                 14.95
  • Chicken cooked with special blend of onions, tomatoes & spices.
Chicken Vindaloo                          14.95
  • Boneless chicken pieces simmered in tabgy sauce made with cinnamon, vinegar, red chilies and potatoes
Chicken Saag                                14.95
  • Blend of chicken curry & spinach.
Chicken Chettinad                      14.95
  • Chicken cooked in a special peppercorn sauce with ginger and cashews.
Chicken Bhuna                              14.95
  • A well-spiced curry where the meat is cooked with the spices in its own juices resulting in a thick and strongly flavored sauce.
Chicken pepper Fry                     14.95
  • Chicken Breast braised in curry sauce with pepper
Chicken Korma                            14.95
  • Chicken cooked in creamy cashew sauce & tomato gravy
Malabar Chicken Curry             14.95
  • Chicken Breast marinated in house spices and coconut sauce


Served with Rice.

Mutton Curry                                  15.95
  • Curried bone-in goat to perfection
Goat Kadai                                      15.95
  • Braised goat with bell peppers and spices.
Goat Pepper Fry                           15.95
  • Goat braised in curry sauce with black pepper
Goat Chettinad                           15.95
  • Goat cooked with Chettinad Masala.
Malabar Goat Curry                15.95
  • Goat cubes marinated in house spices and coconut sauce
Mutton Vindaloo                              15.95
  • Goat cubes marinated in vinegar and blend of spices cooked with potatoes in tangy sauce.
Mutton Rogan Josh                         15.95
  • Curried goat with Kasmir chili and ginger

Gosht (Lamb)

Served with Rice.

Lamb Rogan Josh                           16.95
  • Curried lamb with Kashmir chili and ginger
Lamb Kurma                                   16.95
  • Lamb cooked in creamy cashew sauce with tomatoes
Lamb Kadai                                    16.95
  • Boneless pieces of lamb cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes and
Lamb Curry                                 16.95
  • Lean chunks of lamb cooked in rich blend of fragrant spices
lamb Vindaloo                          16.95
  • Extra spicy lamb cooked with chili tangy sauce and potatoes
Lamb Tikka Masala                16.95
  • Pieces of marinated lamb cooked in tandoor and finished in a rich tomato, onion gravy and buttery cream cashew sauce.
Lamb Bhuna                              16.95
  • A well-spiced curry where the meat is cooked with the spices in its own juices resulting in a thick and strongly flavored sauce
Lamb Saag                                16.95
  • Blend of Lamb curry and spinach


Served with Rice.

Shrimp Pepper Fry                        15.95
  • Shrimp braised in curry sauce with black pepper
Fish Curry ( Tilapia)                      15.95
  • Fish cooked with specially home ground south indian spices
Shrimp or Fish Tikka Masala          15.95
  • Shells of shrimp marinated and cooked in tandoor,finished in a rich tomato, onion gravy and creamy cashew sauce
Malabar Curry (Tilapia / Shrimp)    15.95
  • Choice of Fish or shrimp cooked with specially home ground South Indian spices & coconut

Side Dishes

Papadam                                 2.95
Raita                                        2.95
Pickle                                      1.95
Rice                                         2.50
Pulao Rice                                        3.95
Masala Rice                                     3.95

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with, choice of meat and vegetable, blended with herbs and spices then garnished egg, onion and lemon. Served with Raita and Saalan

Egg Dum Biryani                                 13.95
Boneless Chicken /
Chicken 65 Biryani                            14.95
Vegetable Biryani                            13.95
Lamb Dum Biryani                            16.95
Goat Dum Biryani                       16.95
Shrimp Dum Biryani                  16.95
Fish Dum Biryani                        16.95

Tandoori Entrees

Tandoori dishes are cooked in a clay oven with a blend of herbs and spices. Served with sauce.

Tandoori Chicken    Half 10.95/Full 15.95
  • Chicken bone in marinates in yogurt and spices and grilled in tandoori oven.
Chicken Tikka                                      15.95
  • Boneless chicken marinated skewered and grilled
Malai Kabab                                         15.95
  • Chicken marinated in cashew paste & yogurt and grilled in tandoori oven
Chicken Sheek Kabab                      15.95
  • Mildly spiced minced chicken cooked in clay oven.
Paneer Tikka                                     15.95
  • Chunks of Paneer marinated in Tandoori Masala and then grilled with vegetables
Fish fry (Amritsari)                              14.95
  • Spiced Fish marinated and deep fried
Tandoori Shrimp                                 15.95
  • Shrimp cubed marinated in yogurt and spices, grilled in tandoori oven


Chapati (1)                                  2.95
  • Whole wheat flour tortillas cooked on a flat grill.
Butter Naan                              2.95
  • Traditional leavened white bread.
Roti (1)                                        2.95
  • Traditional whole wheat Flour bread cooked in tandoor
Bullet Naan                              2.95
  • Spiced Naan with green chilies.
Poori (2)                                        3.95
  • Whole wheat fried bread.
Aloo Paratha                               3.95
  • Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and peas.
Batura                                          3.95
  • Deep fried bread
Garlic & cheese Naan              3.95
  • Naan stuffed with chopped garlic, cilantro & home made
    cottage cheese.
Swagath Special Naan            3.95
  • Minced chicken stuffed bread cooked in tandoor.
Garlic Naan                             3.95
  • Naan topped with grated garlic and cilantro.
Onion Kulcha                           3.95
  • Onion stuffed bread cooked in tandoor
Peshawari Naan                      3.95
  • Dry fruit and nuts stuffed bread cooked in tandoor.
Paneer Naan                      3.95
Bread Basket                     12.95
  • Garlic Naan, Roti, Onion Kulcha, Naan


Soft Drinks (Coke products)                1.99
Masala Tea                                               2.95
Madras Coffee                               3.95
Salt Lassi                                         3.95
Sweet Lassi                                         3.95
Mango Lassi                                       4.25


Gulab Jamun                                3.95
  • Small rolls made with milk and wheat flour & soaked flavor syrup.
Rice Pudding                                3.95
  • Rice cooked with milk and saffron.
Pistachio Kulfi                           3.95
  • Traditional Indian pistachio Ice Cream
Mango Kulfi                               3.95
  • Traditional Indian Mango Ice Cream.
Rasmalai                              4.95
  • Cheese Dumpling in creamy sauce
Carrot Halwa                        4.95
  • Grated carrot cooked in milk & cream.